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Rules of use


The board of the library has accepted these rues on June 14th 2007 and they shall remain valid until otherwise decided upon by the board.


The library can be used by all members of the student nation free of charge following the conditions outlined in these rules.


Customers must prove their membership of the student nation at least once a year, or as requested by the staff of the library. Customers may borrow as many books as they need at once, unless there is special cause to limit their right to borrow.


The standard loan period is four (4) weeks. Some books may have a loan period of two (2) weeks. Books marked as part of the reference library can be borrowed overnight or over the weekend. They are handed over after 6 pm and are to be returned by 12 pm the following weekday. The loan period may be extended, if there are no reservations on the book. Loans may also be renewed by phone or by e-mail.


Loaned books may be reserved. If the library does not have the book the customer needs, the customer may request the book to be purchased. Coursebooks for basic and intermediate courses at the university take top priority in book acquisition.


5 §

The library, the reading halls and the IT class are available for all student nation members to use. All customers should remain as quiet as possible in the library. It is prohibited to bring pets into library premises.


The reference books and dictionaries found in the reading halls may only be used within library premises, with the exception of the overnight and weekend loans mentioned in section 3.


Permission to use the storage lockers in the library can be received for one teaching period at a time. The permission should be renewed after each period, or the permission will be handed on. In the case of a lost key, the owner shall be fined a sum of money confirmed by the library board.


The library board shall decide on the application for and the distribution of the research rooms. Permissions to use the research rooms can last up to eight (8) or nine (9) weeks. In the distribution of the permissions, the applicants in the middle of making their pro gradu theses are given priority.


The staff of the library will assist when needed with any issue related to the library.



Borrowing customers are required to supply the library with their up-to-date contact information.



Borrowing customers are required to take care of the books they have borrowed under their name and return the books when the loan period has expired. The library will send a notification of overdue books twice. The latter of the notifications will be sent with the library rules of use attached. Should borrowing customers despite the notifications or repeatedly neglect returning books, they will lose their right to borrow for a period of three months that the library is open. The library board may, when justified, decide upon removing the borrowing rights of a customer until further notice.



If a borrowing customer fails to return a book or the book is damaged in a manner that cannot be considered regular wear and tear, the customer must repay the damage by either repaying the book's full price, or by purchasing an equivalent replacement. As needed, books will be recollected via repossession. The customer will be responsible for the additional costs caused by the repossession process.

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