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Rights of use


The library services may only be used by members of the Häme Student Nation. In addition to paying the annual membership fee, the student nation's membership sticker must be shown at the library once every year. The library is maintained by the Häme Student Foundation.



Forms of service


The library has three reading rooms that feature a total of around 65 peaceful reading spots. The reading rooms also feature hall lockers that can be reserved for one period at a time. The staff has additional information regarding the lockers. The third reading room is intended for group work and can be reserved for student use.


The magazine hall has subscriptions of close to 70 different news, science and current event publications. All issues, except the newest, can be borrowed. Next to the magazine hall there are fatboy chairs and a hammock, that can be used freely to relax while studying.


The IT room has 15 up-to-date computers. The customers also have access to a black-and-white printer, a scanner, a burning DVD/CD drive and a photocopier. Color printing is also available at the library for a small fee. Computer-related questions can be answered by either the IT support person during his calling hours at the library, or the IT support e-mail address atk[at]hys.net (NOTE! With questions regarding internet problems in student houses, the tech support of the student house should be contacted!)


The library has two research rooms, each of which containing two work stations. People working on their theses can apply for the use of these facilities from the library board.


It is also possible to borrow a cellphone charger, a digital voice recorder or headphones at the library.





The library features a coursebook selection of about 9000 volumes (mostly fulfilling the research requirements of the University of Helsinki). There are also around 1000 volumes of other literature, both scientific and fiction. The lending time of books depends on the nature of the book: most books can be kept for four weeks, whereas some books that are required reading at law school can only be kept for two weeks. The reference library contains the most essential coursebooks of the faculty of law in addition to reference books, dictionaries and legal books. The library also features a provincial collection having to do with Häme.


The collection is added to mostly based upon requests from customers. Volumes that are part of the basic or intermediate studies of a subject at the University of Helsinki take top priority, but requests for other literature can be made as well. Acquisition requests can be sent via e-mail to the address kirjastonhoitaja[a]hys.net. The requests should give as much detail as possible on the book and reasons for why the book should be purchased. If the book in question is required for a course, the reasons should mention the name of the course and the page of the study guide where the course can be found, or a link to the course's web page.

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