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Access rights

Library services may only be used by members of the Häme Student Nation. In addition to paying the annual membership fee, the student nation’s membership sticker must be shown at the library once every year. The library is maintained by the Häme Student Foundation.

More information on how to join the student nation can be found here.

Library regulations

Forms of service

The bright facilities of the library contain two study rooms featuring around 30 peaceful reading spots. There is also a group study room that can be reserved for group work by asking the library staff. The study rooms have lockers that can be reserved for one teaching period at a time. There are also lockers that can be reserved for a single day for a 1€ collateral.

The library subscribes to around 60 different news, science, hobby, and entertainment magazines that can all be read in the magazine reading hall. English subscriptions include the Economist, the Scientific American, and the Time. All issues except for the newest one can be borrowed. There are also fatboy chairs and a hammock right next to the magazine reading hall that can be used freely for relaxing while reading.

The IT room has 15 up-to-date computers and a black-and-white printer. Coloured printing and copying are also available for a small fee. The library also has five workstations with additional screens, keyboards and computer mice that can be connected to your own laptop. The computers have a fast optical fibre connection and there is a library-wide WIFI network (except for the silent study room). The computers are equipped with MS Office software and a variety of programs used commonly in various scientific fields. If we’re missing a program you need, feel free to send a message to our IT support at

(NOTE! With questions regarding internet problems in student houses, the tech support of the student house should be contacted!)

The library has two research rooms, each of which contains two workstations. People working on their theses can apply for the use of these facilities from the library board.
The application form is available in Finnish only. Library staff will help you with the application if needed.

It is also possible to borrow a cell phone charger, a digital voice recorder, and headphones at the library.


The library features a course book selection of about 10 000 volumes mainly fulfilling the required literature for degree programs in the University of Helsinki. Loan period is usually 28 days except for some law degree course books which have a loan period of 14 days. Reference library books can be borrowed overnight and over the weekend. Currently book renewal and enquiry can be done by contacting us by phone or email: 09-6942862;

We primarily acquire books for basic and intermediate level studies. If we do not have a book you require, you can request it. The form is in Finnish only, but library staff is always happy to help if needed. Acquisition requests can also be sent via e-mail to The requests should give as much detail as possible on the book and reasons for why the book should be purchased. If the book in question is required for a course, the reasons given should mention the name of the course and the page of the study guide where the course can be found, or a link to the course’s web page.

The library encourages students to read on their free time by offering both brand new and classic fictional literature and current scientific literature from a collection of almost a thousand volumes. There is also a 300-volume provincial collection of books from Häme.

Masters theses by students who have received the Häme Student Foundation Scholarship can be found in their own shelf in the group study room.

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