Applying for an Apartment

Applying for an Apartment

How to apply

You can submit an application any time; our waiting list is always open. There is a specific freshman application period every July for  new students of the University of Helsinki.

You can submit the appropriate electronic application form to The Häme Students Foundation online at Domo. When applying online, you will need to bring the necessary papers in person to the foundation (at Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6 F, 00100 Helsinki) for the signing of the tenancy agreement. The papers required are:

  1. Certificate of attendance from the educational institution
  2. Proof of membership of the student nation, or payment of tenant’s membership fee
  3. Declaration of the applicant’s income for the year (personal declaration will be accepted)
  4. Report on the connection to Häme
  5. Other supporting evidence

Be sure to fill in the application form carefully. The required papers are listed on the application forms. If you submit the papers separately, after the application form, please include a note stating the date of the actual application. As a general rule, we will notify applicants of available housing when we are able to make an offer. We do not normally send other updates. However, applicants are welcome to make waiting list enquiries by e-mail, for example. An application is normally valid for one year from the date of submission. We ask applicants to let us know if they wish to cancel their application – for instance if they have been provided with housing elsewhere. You must inform the foundation of any relevant changes to the application details, such as changes to your name or address.

Freshman application period

The special application period organised every July is aimed at those new students of the University of Helsinki who intend to join the Häme Student Nation (Hämäläisten-Osakunta) in the autumn. The housing available for freshman applications is mainly in shared apartments. You can print the application form from our website and return it, with the relevant papers enclosed, to The Häme Students Foundation on 31 July, at the latest. You can also fill in and submit the application form electronically. In this case, we will check your papers before signing the agreement. In recent years, the shared housing situation has been good, which means that we have been able to offer all freshmen housing in a shared apartment by the beginning of October. The application form for freshmen is available online at Domo throughout July.

Please note:

The housing is primarily intended for members of the Hämäläisten-Osakunta who are commencing their studies at the University of Helsinki. Since 1 September 2009, housing applications from students at universities of applied sciences have not been considered.

The area of operation of the Hämäläisten-Osakunta

The old province of Häme, as well as: Heinola, the rural district of Heinola, Jämsä, Hartola, Joutsa, Jämsänkoski, Kuhmoinen, Leivonmäki, Luhanka, Orimattila, Pertunmaa, and Sysmä


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