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Student Housing

Accommodation types

There are many shared apartments in the Pohjois-Haaga and Puistola neighbourhoods. The shared apartments in these locations are three-bedroom apartments (three rooms + kitchen/kitchenette), and the size of each bedroom is about 10–14 m2, depending on the location and the apartment. Rooms in shared apartments are available throughout the year. The rents are affordable and include all additional utility costs: water, heating, electricity, an Internet connection, and the use of the laundry facilities. The rooms are not furnished.

The sizes of the family apartments vary significantly, and two-bedroom apartments range from 36.5 m2 to 59.5 m2. The sizes of the three-bedroom flats range from 67 m2 to 73.5 m2. Most of the family apartments are located in Puistola. The rent includes water and heating costs, and an Internet connection. Tenants of the family apartments in Puistola are required to sign their own electricity contracts.

The buildings are here and rents for the apartments here.


The applicant must be a member of the Häme Student Nation; please see www.hamalais-osakunta.fi. Requests for membership can be directed to the membership assistant of the Häme Student Nation at jasensihteeri [a] hamalais-osakunta.fi.

Students from Häme are given priority over other students. A person is considered to be from Häme if he or she is or has been registered in the population register or has been schooled in the operating area of the Häme Student Nation, if his or her parents or other close relations have been or currently are members of the Häme Student Nation, if he or she has been a member of the Häme Student Nation, or if he or she has other exceptionally strong ties to the Häme region or the Häme Student Nation.

The required appendices, including a certificate of enrolment from the place of study and a membership certificate from the Häme Student Nation, must be provided upon signing of the lease agreement at the office of the Häme Student Foundation, located at Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6 A, 00100 Helsinki.

Please, fill in the application thoroughly and accurately. The required appendices are listed on the application form. Apartments will be offered to applicants as soon as they become available. Applicants may enquire about the progress of their student apartment application via e-mail at asuntoasiat [a] hys.net. Applications are valid for one year. Applicants are requested to inform us of the withdrawal of their application if, for example, they find an apartment elsewhere.

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